Addams Signature

Rockford Female Seminary Pictures (All)

Jane Addams as a student at Rockford Female Seminary
(Medlar, Rockford, Ill; Jane Addams Papers Project)

Anna P. Sill, Principal, Rockford Female Seminary
(Rockford College Archives)

Artist's rendering, Rockford Female Seminary campus (Rockford College Archives)

Sarah Blaisdell, Latin and Greek teacher (Rockford College Archives)

Rockford Female Seminary, 1881, Left to right: Sill Hall, Main Building, Adams Hall (Rockford College Archives)

Ida May Carey
(David, Painesville, Ohio; Swarthmore College Peace Collection)

Sara Elizabeth “Lizzie” Smith
(De Pere Historical Society/White Pillars Museum)

Ellen Gates Starr
(H. Rocker & Co., Chicago; Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College)

Corrine Williams Douglas
(Rockford College
Jubilee Book, 1904, Rockford College)

Sarah Anderson
(Rockford College Archives)

Bread-givers motif, Class of 1881, Rockford Female Seminary (Rockford College Archives)

Rockford Seminary Magazine masthead (Rockford College Archives)

Jane Addams with members of the Rockford Female Seminary Class of 1881.  Jane Addams is to the far right in the back row, holding the parasol. (Rockford College Archives)