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Documents from The Selected Papers of Jane Addams

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In the following documents and illustrations, all or a portion of which appear in volumes 1 and 2 of The Selected Papers of Jane Addams, certain editorial practices are used. Text added by the editors appears in square brackets [ ]. The use of angle brackets < > indicates that the original author of the documents, in these examples, usually Jane Addams, has herself inserted information, most often as a clarifying afterthought.

The citation line that appears with each document indicates where the original is lodged and where in presentations of the Jane Addams papers it may be seen. The abbreviation ALS indicates that the document is a signed autograph letter, in other words, in letter form, hand written, and signed by the author. The abbreviation P and HD describes a printed and holograph or handwritten document. The designation HLSr denotes that the document is a letter written originally by Jane Addams, but that the only version we have access to was that copied by someone else and signed by someone else using the name Jane Addams.

The abbreviation JAPM followed by numbers means the microfilm edition of the Jane Addams Papers and the numbers indicate the reel and frame number or numbers on which the document appears. The abbreviation JAP followed by a number indicates The Selected Papers of Jane Addams with the number indicating the volume in which the document appears followed by the page numbers on which the document may be seen.


Selected Documents from Volume 1

Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams, [1868?]

John Greenleaf Whittier to Jane Addams, 1873 Feb. 15

Excerpts from the 1875 Diary of Jane Addams

Jane Addams to Vallie Beck, 1876 Mar. 30 and Apr 2, 1876 May 1

Phrenological Reading of Jane Addam’s Head, 1876 July 28 and 30


Selected Documents from Volume 2

Jane Addams Passport, 1883

Jane Addams to John Weber Addams, 29 Oct. 1883

Market Scene illustration from Punch, 15 Sept. 1883

Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, 28 Dec. 1886

Photograph of the Addams Traveling Party, 1883 - 84

Visit to Toynbee Hall, June 1888